Mathew Jacobson

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Senior Consultant with McAllister Opinion Research

Mathew Jacobson has more than twenty years of demonstrated leadership and success in strategic campaign planning and implementation in service of conservation, progressive politics, and participatory democracy in the US and Canada. Prior to joining McAllister earlier this year, he spent seventeen years working with The Pew Charitable Trusts. Amongst his many accomplishments, Mathew was instrumental in securing the protection of America's last intact road less areas under the Clinton administration, helped secure commitments to protect hundreds of millions of acres in the Boreal Forests of Canada, and was instrumental in the integration of Indigenous perspectives on nature into World Heritage policies and guidelines. 

Mathew has also worked with Move On Pac, Preserve Appalachian Wilderness, Green Mountain Forest Watch, the Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project, Greenpeace, and the Wilderness Society. Mathew has a BA in English and Religion from Tufts University, has through-hiked the Appalachian Trail, and spent the first seven years out of college working as a chef to fund his activism habit.

Consultant principal chez McAllister Opinion Research

Mathew Jacobson a plus de vingt ans d’expérience en création de campagnes de sensibilisation, mise en œuvre de services de conservation, innovation politique et démocratie participative aux États-Unis et au Canada. Avant de joindre McAllister, il a passé 17 ans à travailler avec The Pew Charitable Trusts. Parmi ses nombreuses réussites, Mathew a joué un rôle important dans la protection des terres dénuées de routes sous l’Administration Clinton et la préservation des forêts boréales du Canada. Il a aussi contribué à intégrer la vision des autochtones dans la création de politiques et de lignes directrices du patrimoine mondial.