Canada's upcoming G7 Presidency

An opportunity for decisive leadership on sustainable development



Canada will be host to the 2018 G7 Summit... 

Every year, the G7 forum offers an opportunity for Leaders, Ministers and policy makers to come together to build consensus and set trends around some of today’s most challenging global issues. Next year’s summit will allow Canada to showcase both its domestic and international priorities, including the advancement of gender equity and the fight against climate change.

Join us for a dynamic and thought-provoking discussion and to set-up expectations for Canada to step up and be a leader on Climate Change - Sustainable Development Goals - Gender Equity.

A panel of Canadian and International experts will unpack today’s most pressing challenges and opportunities for the advancement of the fight against climate change, the achievement of the SGDs and the realization of gender equity, proposing specific recommendations and priorities for the Canadian government to address and champion at next year G7 Forum.

A Canadian media personality will lead a lively exchange between the panelists and provide opportunities for meaningful and live audience participation.

A free public event co-hosted by Climate Action Network Canada (CAN-Rac) and the Canadian Council of International Co-operation (CCIC).

Contact if you have any questions about the event.

Looking forward to seeing you there!